Wrongful Termination

The Hayes Law Firm specializes in wrongful termination cases in San Diego.

What is wrongful termination?
In most cases, when it comes to hiring and firing, employers have a great deal of power. Since the most common form of employment is “at-will”, employers rarely need a good reason for termination, nor do they need to provide advance warning. But this doesn’t mean you are powerless. When a company oversteps legal lines in the firing of an employee, they have committed wrongful termination and are punishable by law.

Wrongful termination comes in many forms, but most commonly it is based on discriminatory or retaliatory grounds. If you feel you were fired based on anything other than your performance, such as your race, gender, age, disability, medical condition or sexual orientation, you may have a case for wrongful discrimination. If you were fired as a contracted employee, details of that contract should be thoroughly reviewed. For questions about the legality of your termination, contact the San Diego employment law offices of Christopher Hayes for a free assessment.