Workplace Retaliation

The Hayes Law Firm specializes in workplace retaliation in San Diego.

What is workplace retaliation?
Retaliation is any adverse action taken on an employee for exercising their legal rights. Retaliation victims often feel “punished” for standing up for themselves or others, whether they made a harassment or discrimination claim, or asked for disability accommodation or medical leave.

Retaliation can come from a “bully” boss or a disgruntled coworker – anyone in your workplace who mistreats you as a result of something you’ve done or said. But don’t let retaliation silence you. Retaliation is punishable by law, and victims can often feel overpowered by higher command or embarrassment from their team. If you feel you are being retaliated against at work, contact the San Diego employment law offices of Christopher Hayes to learn your rights.