Practice Areas

The Hayes Law Firm specializes in the following areas of employment law in San Diego.

Workplace Defamation
When your reputation is tarnished in the workplace, it can impact your emotional health and damage your career. I can help protect you from harmful rumors and navigate your legal rights.

Workplace Discrimination
Unfair treatment based on gender, race, pregnancy or other factors is far too common in modern businesses. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, demoted or dismissed, contact me for a free consultation.

Workplace Equal Pay
Women are entitled to be paid the same as men for equal work. It is the the law. If you are a woman and earn less than your male co-workers yet have the same job duties, contact me to enforce your rights.

Workplace Harassment
Harassment is any unwelcome behavior at work, from a coworker, boss or anyone associated with your job. Learn how “company culture” does not excuse bad behavior, and let me help you stop the cycle.

If you feel you have been sexually harassed, learn more about sexual harassment.

Workplace Retaliation
If you feel you’re being “punished” at work for speaking out or standing up for your rights or the rights of others, you could be a victim of retaliation. If this is happening to you, I want to hear your story – and ensure your employer is held accountable.

Wage and Hour Disputes
Being “overworked and underpaid” shouldn’t cross a legal line. Here in California, we have laws to protect you – such as minimum wage and caps on working hours. I can help you navigate these laws, and ensure they’re working for you.

Wrongful Termination
Termination based on protected traits, characteristics or activities, other than your performance, even for “at-will” employers, is grounds for a wrongful termination case. If you feel you’ve been fired unfairly, contact me to see if your legal rights have been violated.