It’s never easy to face hardships in the workplace. But when those hardships cross a legal line, finding the right lawyer makes all the difference.

In my practice, I believe my clients come first. I want to do more than represent you – I want to empower you. By taking the time to learn you story, and helping you understand your rights, we can bring fairness back into the hard work you do.

25 years of experience
In my over 25 years representing California workers, I have faced businesses big and small. From start-ups to corporations, like Blockbuster Video, Tiffany & Co. and Target – I speak up when my clients feel silenced. And my history of successful cases range from retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, defamation and wage/hour disputes.

If you don’t win, I don’t win
My practice is 100 percent contingency-based. So, until your case settles or the court or jury rules in your favor, I don’t get paid. This form of practice is a testament to my dedication to law and civil rights in employment. From racial discrimination to unfair pay, I understand the injustices experienced in the workplace. And in sharing your passion, your case is more than a paycheck – it’s doing what’s right.

Getting started
If you feel you are being unfairly treated at work, please don’t hesitate to call me. I am the sole lawyer in my practice, so you can trust that you’ll get immediate, focused, undivided counsel. My independent practice also allots me locational flexibility. So wherever you’d like to get started, we can find a location, and time that works best for you.

Post-trial, many of my clients comment on the personal attention I offered them along the way. I am always grateful for this feedback, but believe that it’s personal attention that makes a case successful. I believe in open communication. I believe in answering the phone. I believe in taking the time to ensure you understand the laws. As a team, we can ensure you have a voice – and more importantly, that it’s a voice that is heard.